Physiotherapy, massage, personal training and Pilates training as domicile treatment in Basel

How to get fit and flexible again!

Welcome to Physio Star in Basel

You may have already experienced it yourself: just when you urgently need physiotherapy because you have complaints or pain, it is particularly difficult to go to the nearest practice because you can't move easily. It is easier for you when physiotherapy comes directly to your home. Try it out and book Nancy Heuer from Physio Star. Let the qualified physiotherapist, trainer and masseuse help you get back on your feet and back into shape.


Physiotherapy in Basel

In addition to manual therapy, modern devices have also proven their worth in physiotherapy. Thanks to their smooth mode of action using heat and fine electrical stimulation, the treatment is gentle and effective.


Types of massage

Massage in Basel

With the passive form of massage, you let go of stress and relax. Active massage, on the other hand, requires your cooperation, as you perform some manoeuvers yourself. Here I introduce you to the different types of massage.

Types of massage

Personal Training

Personal Training in Basel

Not only athletes, but also people with complaints after a rehabilitation phase or with chronic restrictions can make better progress with personal training. Your personal goal determines the training plan.

Personal Training

Pilates Training

Pilates Training in Basel

Pilates Training offers a variety of exercises on the mat with different types of Pilates equipment. I will be happy to introduce you to my equipment and guide you through your Pilates Training. And very special: the Pilates Reformer as a fitness device for at home.

Pilates Training

Who is Physio Star Nancy Heuer?

I am a physiotherapist with many years of professional experience in Egypt, Germany and Switzerland. By setting up my mobile physiotherapy service, I want to make life easier for patients. They don't have to bother going to the practice or studio to get their therapy. I know that some people find it difficult to leave their homes for health reasons. That's why I offer home visits so that you can receive physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home. You can call me to your place of residence - whether it's your workplace, retirement home, old people's home or gym - I can reach large areas of Basel. And I love working with people. Their recovery and well-being is important to me and makes me happy.

What are the benefits of domicile treatment?

The advantages of domicile treatment are: Time, time and time. Working people are often stressed and hectic on the way to the practice or studio. I therefore offer early morning and evening appointments to save you the time pressure of having to reach a practice during working hours.

Mothers and fathers with young children are also happy about every distance saved, because it makes their everyday life easier and saves a lot of effort and time - sometimes even the nanny for childcare. You can choose a suitable date when you book. I will come directly to you.

Another advantage: your privacy is maintained, you remain in your own comfortable atmosphere, protected from the eyes of strangers. You don't have to sit in a waiting room or put up with staff changes. I work confidentially, reliably, discreetly and in individual consultation with you.

What quality does mobile physiotherapy offer?

The quality of treatment is on a par with that of a physiotherapy practice. The high quality of work is guaranteed. In addition to my professional experience in practices and current further training, I have a Bachelor's degree that is recognized in Switzerland and Germany. Patients regard me as very careful, reliable and highly professional.

And you don't have to do without modern devices that are used in physical therapy centers. With mobile devices, ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy are possible in your own home. Here too, state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure that your treatment is safe and effective.

High quality also applies to Personal Training. Even more than in a practice with a tight schedule, Personal Training gives us the opportunity to individually plan and summarize your personal status and possible progress. Thanks to my further training (Pilates Reformer, etc.), I can also ensure that you receive the best possible training.